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The Christmas Tree Ship
Around the turn of the century, two brothers (Herman and August Schuenamann) sailed a three-masted schooner, the Rouse-Simmons, each year and delivered thousands of trees to the Clark Street bridge in Chicago. They would sail 300 miles north across Lake Michigan where they would spend three weeks cutting and loading the trees.

The ship was just bursting with trees which were stacked high on the deck as well as in the hold. The passage across the lake was very dangerous and in separate incidents both brothers were lost with their ships in storms.

After Herman died, his wife and daughters continued this tradition for years and had the trees brought by rail instead of ship. They would lease a ship to hold the trees and park at the bridge though as always.

The income from Herman's yearly trip had for the most part been their total income for the year and the loss of his ship left the family in dire straits. So, it was quite an accomplishment for them to find a way to continue the business.

Today, the Coast Guard cutter Mackinac continues the tradition by delivering trees to the needy.

Race Committee - it's FUN!!!
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Its Fun, Free, Supportive, and a Great Learning Opportunity. Though not required, most of our club members assist with RC as a service to the club and to support the sport. Without Race Committee (RC), we wouldn't have our club and what our club brings to the community.

If you are new to sailing or the club, RC is a great way to learn more about sailing, about the sport and to get to know a few of the club members. Truly, no experience required. Others on the team have the experience and will show you how you can help.

We encourage youth to join their parents on RC, or even come out on their own if appropriate. Spouse and other family members are also invited as a way for them to learn more about sailing. Sailing Class students, before or after your class, being on RC will add to your class experience.
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